“Increased Consumption”

Above everything that can be done upon the earth, I love basking in Your presence.  I set aside multiple times a day to simply block out time for adoration alone.  Yielding into Him in worship, and receiving Him into me.  It is just like drinking.  It is the intake of God.  Continuous reception alone will place you under the influence of the substance that you are drinking.

Anyone can sing or say, “I love your presence.” But those who truly love His presence cannot live without its reality.  What does that look like?  It looks like this, an obsession with being alone with Him, as much as possible and a jealous relentless abiding in Him throughout the day.  All birthed out of an addiction of having Him near.  Because that Person is everything to you.

Eating nourishes but drinking replenishes.  You can go longer without eating than without drinking.  Everyday the Holy Spirit looks to fill you.  We must be continually filled with the Spirit, in order to come under His influence. Walking in the Spirit is walking underneath His influence.  We must enter a life that resembles a long drink of the wine of heaven.  His love is better than wine.

I encourage you to increase your consumption of the Spirit more and more until this is the reality of your life.  A consistent inflow that simultaneously flows out.  Just like a cup under the sink, overflowing from an increased inflow.

The truly possessed life is like breathing.  Receiving Him is as effortless as yielding to inhale.  True inhale will always cause an exhale.  We take Him in and we give Him out.  This keeps our Christian life vibrant and alive.

Brother, sister, take Him in as Song of Songs says, “drink deep.”  Take Him in by continuously yielding and surrendering to Him in sweet adoration all day long, and take Francois Fénélon’s advice for the life that is captivated with the Person of Jesus Christ, “give every spare second to God.”

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